Community & Newsroom

We may sometimes leave the impression that we work tirelessly and alone in our Degritter cave, but we actually love engaging with our community, too. From conversations on ultrasonic cleaning to opinions on how we can better our technical support.

So we’ll be gathering our latest news here for you, our community, including reviews and opinions, but also guidelines and tips on how to take better care of your machine. So read it here first, this is the official source of Degritter news.

New Degritter MARK II

On November the 25th the new MARK II Degritter will become available for purchase. The Degritter MARK II is a more efficient and user-friendly take on the classic Degritter (which, in our slightly biased opinion, is the world’s best ultrasonic record cleaner).

New Software for MARK I

In November 2022 we released a major software update for all of our Degritter machines. The new version 2.3.6 includes multiple features plus some bug fixes and is designed to enhance the Degritter Mark I machines.