Fonoteek is the ultimate vinyl record cleaning station. The device uses brushes and ultrasonic cleaning together with cleaning fluid to remove even the most stubborn dirt from your disc. Washing cycle is followed up with a rinse from pure distilled water continued by a drying process where water is pushed off the disc with air blades.

The machine is also very versatile as you can set and save your custom programs according to your need. Be it a quick 5 minute brushing run for those 1$ drift finds or a 20 minute ultrasonic cycle plus rinsing for your mint condition Blue Note.

Washing programs

Brush wash

Fonoteek has two microfiber brushes to wash off larger surface dirt from the record surface. The brushes are moved away from the disc when not in use and are easy to clean or replace.

Ultrasonic wash

To bring out the fine details from the bottom of the groove, we have powerful yet delicate ultrasonic cleaning that has proven its worth in Degritter MARK II machines. Fonoteek has been fitted with a large and powerful water cooling system that allows you to run long ultrasonic cleaning cycles while still keeping water temperature cool and safe.

Fonoteek water tank


The machine comes with two 3L removable water tanks – one where the cleaning fluid is added, for brushing and ultrasonic washing and one tank for pure distilled water for rinsing.
To keep the rinse water clean, we use three large activated carbon filters. These will prevent soapy and dirty water from ending up in rinse tank.

Fonoteek drying


Drying process is using two integrated air blades to push off most of the water. Tiny amount that remains will quickly dry in the air flow.


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