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Degritter is the world’s best ultrasonic record cleaning machine with clever features and unprecedented usability.

Its ultrasonic cleaning technology removes dirt and dust from the record’s grooves, improving audio quality.

Fully automatic

With a push of a single button, the Degritter will soak, clean and dry your record. With four different washing cycles, customizable drying time, option to pre-soak and rinse, the Degritter is easy to navigate and convenient to use.

Removable water tank

Degritter’s removable water tank is easy to fill and empty without making a mess around your records.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Degritter’s ultrasonic cleaning will scrub every small crevice left untouched by mechanical cleaning methods.

Completely touch-free cleaning with nothing inside the machine rubbing against the record.

Two ultrasonic transducers on either side emit 120 kHz vibrations of even cleaning energy across the record’s surface.

Degritter is the most powerful ultrasonic record cleaner on the market per one liter of water.

Two-tank rinse function

Degritter can be used with two tanks*, storing cleaning solution water and clean rinsing water separately. The machine will alert you when to use which tank.

*second tank sold separately

Filtering system

Cleaning water is pumped through a replaceable filter, keeping any dirt from ending up back on the record.

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