Beta Testing Program

All available places in the program have now been filled. We are currently not accepting new beta testers.

Degritter is now production ready! We can finally reward your patience by sending out the very first devices.

There will be, however, some changes in the pre-order format. In order to ensure the best quality and the undivided attention of our customer support, before the 100 device crowdfunding campaign we will launch a 10 machine beta testing program. These ten special customers will ultimately have a say in the overall final look and feel of the device.

The location of our beta testers will be limited to Europe to keep transportation times at a minimum. Rest assured the crowdfunding campaign in EU and USA will follow once beta testing is completed. To become one of our beta testers send us an email at with your name and shipping address.


  • Shipping address in Europe
  • Cost of the device 1200€ (eventual retail price 2000€)
  • Use the machine and give us feedback

We offer:

  • One fully functional Degritter beta testing device
  • We will replace the beta testing device with retail version for free after 6 month support period
  • A personal Skype demo (you can opt-out after if you have any doubts)
  • Machines will be shipped November 2017
  • Fast and personal support
  • Warranty for 2 years
  • Receive a unique early adopter device ID, which will get you special discounts on accessories and cleaning fluids
  • And of course the unique opportunity to become one of the first customers of the best vinyl record cleaner in the world!

Contact us

Degritter OÜ
Narva mnt 9, Tartu
Estonia, 51009
Tel: +372 55 640 683